Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another week, Another Dollar

Well we were able to get the letter the SDA requested in a lickadee arrived on Monday, however DHL could not deliver it until Wednesday due to Ukraine's Independence Day on Tuesday. They have only had independence for 19years!! So it was delivered to our Ukraine Facilitator team on Wednesday but not until 4pm, so they were not able to get it to the SDA. Through some emails, we were informed that it was translated and notarized and would be delivered on Friday (which I hope it did..I have faith in the team that it was)
So the game plan now is sit and wait patiently again....I REALLY hope and pray that this week will give us the news we have SOOOOO been waiting for! We did get the little man's room done this week, ENJOY!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And yet again.....Another request

So we got news this morning from our state-side facilitator and Ukraine facilitator that the SDA (State Dept of Adoption) has requested another form to clarify what the 2 other forms they already have,says. It's very frustrating, upsetting,tearful, and any other other feeling I can possibly have.Good news is we have priority once our Ukraine facilitator receives it.
Is God trying to give us a sign....I know he's testing our limits and patience. I keep having the faith in HIM that he is guiding us in the right direction and bottom line it's bringing our beautiful son home!!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The contractions started...

So it's been a while, last week with our big, exciting news, I was at a diabetes camp for 12-14yrs old and was not able to post the AWESOME news!!! We were submitted last Thursday, 8/5. We are sooo close to getting our first child and little boy! The wait for our date doesn't seem so bad now.

We're coming sweet boy!! :-)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Still Waiting

So our completed re-do documents made it to the Ukraine last Monday, but unfortunately we are still waiting, No word on submission. We can only HOPE and PRAY that this Thursday can be the day. The wait is ABSOLUTELY killing me!
At least when your pregnant(i'm assuming,haven't been pregnant long enough), you get to feel the baby, see the baby on ultrasound, so you "know" them. This waiting and not knowing how he is, is tortuous. We were blessed with recent pictures of him in September but in 10months, he's changed drastically I'm sure.
Well we pray for Thursday and can have something to be excited and look forward to!!!