Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good news and Very Bad News!!!

Yesterday was the big Gotcha Day! Unfortunately the region Bryce was born in does not process their old passports, which take only one day to process. We were suppose to have it yesterday if that had happened, well after a 2hour drive and almost a hour of waiting....GUESS WHAT they can't do that passport now, so we are here waiting until Tuesday. Well we are PRAYING for Tuesday.
We went to the US embassy today and dropped off the needed paper work for his visa. Of course, they are closed tomorrow and also can't enter the information until they have the passport, so again we are waiting!!! I will say, it was neat to see a TON of people standing outside on line waiting to get in and we walked straight to the front and were the next ones to go inside, it was HYSTERICAL! And you know they were all ticked off!
Tonight we are meeting several other RR families that just got back to Kiev and are in the same boat as us, so it's dinner tonight at TGIF with the kids.
So speaking of kids, Bryce did GREAT yesterday considering he was in a car for over 5hours. Then gets to the apartment and was ready to ROCK! He was very overstimulated and had a hard time getting to sleep. He broke me in for being a mommy for the first time. We had elbows in the face, got kicked multiple times and slapped a few times. Poor thing was very restless, we're hoping for a better night tonight. We went to McDonalds today for lunch and he was sooooo cute! Sat and ate 4chix nuggets, however our child doesn't like the "fry" part, so I had to peel all the breading off.

He's taking in all the commotion of being in a BIG city! And is doing GREAT!
Tom and I are sooo in love!
We'll keep everyone posted as far as when we will be getting out of this country! It can't happen soon enough. An entire month tomorrow is just way too long and we are soooo homesick!

Looking so cute on his first day FREE!!!!!

Absolutely LOVED the bath last night!

Proud of his first car ride

Gotcha DAY!!!

Thought only in the movies...Cows were walking back from pasture at 5pm right in the middle of the road, must have been 50 of them.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Last Day of Visits

Well today is bitter sweet! It was the last day we will ever have to do orphanage visits! A very joyous day! It was also sad because we decided on our afternoon and very last visit to allow Bryce to play with the kids in the groupa. And they had a BLAST with Tom and I. That's where it gets sad.....It made me realize (well more than I already have) that these children may NEVER get the chance that Bryce has. I stood there at one point and said to Tom, I wish we could take them all home. To never have a Mommy or Daddy to dry their tears when they fall and hurt themselves, no family dinners, no opportunity to go to Disney or Seaworld or for that matter, just fly on a plane, no one to throw them in the air, like Tom did today with all 6 kids. Don't get me wrong, most of the caretakers are WONDERFUL with the kids, but you all know it's not the same. And it saddens me!!!

Tomorrow will be a day of running around getting papers and needed stuff to get Bryce out. We are hoping to have enough time for it to be Gotcha day but the way we were forewarned it doesn't look promising! But early Wednesday, he will be a free little boy and truly a Baumann and we'll head back to Kiev to get that paperwork needed to get HOME!
Well here are pictures of our bitter sweet day!

Bryce with his (and our) FAVORITE caretaker, Luda! She will be MISSED.

Bryce and his groupa in an outside "playhouse"

A mural painted on the wall of one of our inside play areas for the last 3weeks!

The Long Hallway to Bryce's Room!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

It's Friday and Only a Few more days to go...

We have made it through the majority of our 10day wait. It will be 10days tomorrow, but because its the weekend, we have to wait until start of the week.
We can't wait, Bryce has been great but you can start to tell he gets bored after 30minutes with us. We do the same thing everyday. We try to bring different toys each visit but he is starting to notice "I've already know how this works".

He amazes us every day on what he learns! He already knows to sign "more" when we give him food and he almost has "all done" figured out. We are using mostly English to him and he recognizes those words now too. If you tell him "go to daddy", he runs to Tom and vice versa! Things he loves so far, he LOVES bags! He puts stuff in, takes it out and does this over and over again. And if someone else has a bag, he wants theirs. Yes, a little OCD...LOL :-). Loves yogurt and banana. Loves white grape juice, he's mastered the straw sippy cup. He is ticklish EVERYWHERE! Hearing his giggle is priceless!!!!
Loves COUNTRY music! We brought the laptop yesterday and played some Itunes. When country came on, he rocks out! Loves to dance with Mommy! He giggles and giggles!

Well that's enough of my admiration! I know everyday he is going to amaze us! So here are the pictures, I know that's what you all look for! LOL.
Miss everyone and say prayers that these next few days FLY by and we are home at the end of the week!

Rapper Bryce in the House!!! Poor overalls would not stay on him this day!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Signs.... And 6 more days to go

I've been pondering with my thoughts the last few days....cause I've got a lot of time to do this and I don't quite "think" enough, LOL!
But we've been given many signs to adopting Bryce!
October just happens to be Down Syndrome Awareness Month and Bryce became our son on October 13, 2010.
The first day we met our beautiful son, he was in blue and yellow,

The Ukraine Flag just happens to be Blue and Yellow!

The Down Syndrome awareness ribbon is what.....

When I met Tom, 9years ago, he informed me that his number for any of his sport leagues,events, etc, was 21 !!!

Can you see the signs....Many question why??? Can you see the signs, Can you see the smile on this beautiful little boy's face. It's not DS, it's a little boy who needed to be saved, a little boy that deserves love, happiness, security, hugs, kisses, LIFE!
We are so LUCKY to call him our son!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mommy and Bryce Day....& 8 more days til freedom

So today was a Mommy and Me day....Daddy had to stay close to a "human" bathroom. Stomach bug!
We had a great time together! I just can't wait until Mommy can sit and read me a book to sleep, splish splash in the bath and sit at the dinner table together, just to name a few.
Here is a picture of our Mommy and Me day and beautiful Fall pics! 8 more days until I can get out and really be part of the family. Boy we can't wait!

Me and my mommy!

Hey...I actually have boy tights on...Check out the "Ice Hockey"

Sunday, October 17, 2010

9more days until Bryce is Free

Here is a small clip when Bryce doesn't get what he wants!! LOL
But we certainly LOVE this little boy MORE THAN ANYTHING!!

Happy Sunday to All!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Well not quite sure why I said TGIF, I guess cause 2weeks from today, we should be on a plane back HOME!! We are at least praying!
Everything is going well....We've had some great visits with Bryce the last few days, but they are OBSESSED with sending us outside with him on every visit and I have to say the highs the last few days are in the low 40s. It's COLD for these Fla people! I will say though not looking forward to going home to heat!

Tom and I had a bit of a scare yesterday during our morning visit. We were sitting outside with Bryce when this younger looking guy (we've never seen before) walks up and starts asking if we are Americans, and starts pointing at Bryce and motioning that to himself and back to Bryce telling us he's known him when little. Well I think we both almost threw up, we thought "OMG this is his father!" Well comes to find out the guy was just passing through the grounds. That's the bad thing about the orphanage, most of the locals pass through onto their homes. Not a very secure situtation!

I know you all just get on to see photos and videos of Bryce so here you go! Hope all have a great weekend!

Our little monkey!

Fall time!!

Bryce's room where the groupa play!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Official

Introducing Bryce Vanya Baumann as of 9:15am (USA time).
Everything went well with court, unfortunately the 10days was not WAIVED so we are in for the long stretch.

We will be able to bust Bryce out on Tuesday, 26th and BOY we CAN'T wait!!! Very exciting time!

Thank you ALL for your Love,Patience and Support! It will never go forgotten!

PS. Mark Westbrook it was great meeting you today!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Court tomorrow...

We ask before you go to bed tonight, please say an extra prayer, that all goes well tomorrow at court and we could possibly be home in a few days vs 2 more weeks! We will keep everyone posted tomorrow.
It's starting to get colder here again, but things are getting easier here. We were able to get our laundry done today and it cost a fortune......$2.50!!! And they are nice and crisp!! Thank goodness for google translate. I write what I want to say and put Ukrainian translation on a piece of paper, believe it or not, it's WORKING!!! Until they want to talk to me back LOL!
Well here is what you all want anyway on the blog....The day with Bryce!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's Sunday and you all are sleeping

Rough day today...Bryce is good, testing his limits now, definitely shows some orphanage behaviors. Bryce wants, what Bryce wants! But then the next minute he is so cute!
I had a melt down today, really wanting to GO HOME! and GO HOME with our son. It got to me to think we still have another 2 weeks. Then we get on ESPN and I find out that the GATORS lost, FSU wins and Bama got stomped on by S.Carolina! What a Saturday for football and we MISSED it! I know it sounds like I'm whining but it's hard to take. Just close your eyes and now you were lifted out of your home and placed where you have no idea what people are saying to you, you have no idea what you are eating and you barely sleep. Don't get me wrong, we CHOSE to do this and I would not have it any other way, coming home with this SWEET little boy! I'm just saying that WE MISS EVERYTHING about HOME!

Statue of Stalin Lennin (in the park across from our hotel)

Check out these boots and shoes!

Bryce with other kids(we think these kids are part of a daycare out of the orphanage)

He LOVES backpacks! and he gets so proud to carry it around, SOOO CUTE!

Let me out of this place!!!!

And last but not least, the BEAUTIFUL smile!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Just for fun..

We had two great visits with Bryce today! We had a small cry when we were leaving, but we are learning to just leave instead of making it worse by going back after him. The caretakers are doing a great job by helping us out with it. It is such a great feeling for the both of us that when he sees us, he comes running. It's the cutest thing!
Have fun with pictures!

This is what Tom found when he went to the bathroom at the orphanage...Poor Bryce has to pee and poo in a "tupperware" bowl. All the kids line up in their bathroom and sit in their bowl. It's terrible :(

Tom's even the Dog Whisper in the Ukraine!!

This picture is for his Aunt and Cousins in San Diego (check out the Charger colors) LOL

The boy LOVES Music and Phones!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Not easy..

We saw Bryce this morning, we're now on our break and go back in a few hours. It is VERY VERY VERY cold here! I just had to go buy tights to wear under my jeans.
It is so sweet to see the HUGE smile on him when we walk up in the morning, but today was the worst meltdown we have seen when we tried to leave. He ran for both of us, cried, fell on the floor when the caretaker went to take his hand, and ran for the door again at Tom. I cried and walked away and I felt terrible b/c Tom picked him up, placed him on the carpet with the other kids and gave him a toy and all he did was cry! This is AWFUL!!!
Good news is we have court next Wednesday! I know it's not soon enough but at least we have a day scheduled. We keep holding on to the faith that the 10day waiting appeal period will be waived by the judge. It hasn't happened yet but there is always HOPE!! If that happens, we could be on a plane next Friday! How wonderful that will be.
Well here is a video, it's mostly for Grandma and Granny, but you all can enjoy it as well.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Groundhog day...

Well at least that is how we feel. We get up, see Bryce, come back, have lunch, get on internet, go back see Bryce, have dinner and go to bed. Just think our little Bryce has been living that way for the last 3 years. No interaction other than his caretakers and groupa. Same schedule, day in and day out. It saddens us.
Today was difficult after our first visit, cause he knew we were leaving and ran towards my legs to be picked up. It took everything in me not to run out those doors. He doesn't understand, all he knows is that we are there for HIM and then we leave not knowing if we are coming back, and IT KILLS US!!!
I really hope our court date is soon, it's still pending. Thanks for all the comments, please keep them coming cause it helps Tom and I stay sane! Love you all!

Gangsta Bryce!

One of the play areas

"Play Ground"

Entrance to Orphanage

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Big Day...Meet Bryce Vanya

(sorry one day late, internet trouble) Today was the big moment we have been waiting for 15months now. He is the sweetest and funniest little boy! We were sitting on a couch outside the director's office when a groupa started coming up the stairs and Yulia, our facilitator, and I looked at each other at the same time and said" I think that's Vanya", he was the 2nd child coming up the stairs (by himself), so she asked one the caretakers if that was Vanya and she said yes. So they told him that we were mama and papa and he went right into my arms (yes, the tears were flowing) and then hugged Tom and never let go!
We then went into their music session and he was just a hoot! He had the 3 of us laughing. He's got a personality. Once the session was over, they gave us about 1.5hours with him in the music room, while they did paperwork. We had a blast! Paperwork is in motion and we are waiting on our court hearing! We just can't wait to get him home!
Enjoy the pictures and video!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just pictures today

We had a nice saturday down in the heart of the city! We had beer and dinner in a fun german beer garden with another RR family, the Lorenz family adopting Liza! Today is laundry day and packing, tomorrow we are off to meet little man! Hallelujah!
the shoes of Ukraine! All the women are in heels..these girls actually had big bags, changed out of sneakers into their Saturday night heels!

this one is for you, Carlos!

apartments across from ours...look at the ones in the background, very luxurious!