Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Home Study

So today was the start of the home study. We were a wreck! Of course, it went better than we ever thought. Debra was absolute sweet and relaxed all our fears. For those that don't know what a home study entails, it's like going on a job interview. Debra, our social worker, sent paperwork for us to complete before our arrival and she reviews all of that. We had to obtain local police background check, Florida dept of law enforcement check,child abuse check,medical clearance. So once all this is done and Debra makes her report and we submit to US Immigration and Customs, if they approve then we get an appointment for FBI fingerprinting. So Tom and I are not really adopting Bryce, we're becoming Ukrainian spies! LOL. It's a lot but going to be so worth it to have that little smiling guy in our arms. We'll keep you posted.

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  1. Your little guy is a doll! We are almost done with our HS and I still am cringing at the paper trail that lies ahead! I suppose it is par for teh course, and of course... so worth it! Good luck, and congratulations!