Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Finally....Home Study

We are finally done with our home study.....Yah. We meet with our social worker this friday for completion and then off to Immigration for hopefully their blessing. It's getting closer and closer. There are so many feelings going on inside. Happiness, anxiety, questions, more happiness. Is he going to love us? what does he look like now? We just CAN'T WAIT!!!!
We're coming Bryce, hold on, WE are Coming!

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  1. so glad to hear things are moving again! been wondering about you! We are going back to PTOWN! maybe we will see you there!! but we would be next door at the preschool, maybe Vanya will be there too? I cant remember how old he is. but its very close to the baby house. a skiff of trees and you are there. you can see the other buildings from each other. Will you be staying there for the ten day? I am planning to stay this time with our girls. We are hoping to have hs update meeting this weekend.