Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another big day

So we just sent off another big form towards Bryce's adoption. We just sent the immigration form needed to approve us from the US standpoint. We get an appointment for fingerprinting and then once that is done, we get an approval form. Then the dossier(all the paperwork needed to adopt Bryce) goes off to the state of florida for this pretty gold seal on it and then to the Ukraine. So to all of our loved ones......Bryce is coming home very, very,very soon.
It's so surreal now. Clothes hanging in the closet, getting his room prepped and ready to receive him.
Sending the form and money needed today is very anxiety stricken. Is it going to get in the right hands, are they going to have everything they need, are they going to approve us, and how soon is this all going to take?? Can you feel the anxiety!!!! I want this little boy more than anything in life. Loving a little boy strictly by picture...I feel it, he is our son! We are his parents.
Please pray that this next process is done very quickly with no delays! Thanks. :)


  1. This is so exciting! get that cutie pie home!

  2. sending in our I600A too within the week!! maybe we will see you there!