Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Anticipation...

The anticipation is exhausting. We just sit and wait while the USCIS has our little guy's life in their hands right now. We have the dossier ready to go but just waiting on the form, I171H, which is US Customs and Immigration's approval. I think of this little guy every minute I am awake, well even when I'm sleeping.
I dream of our first meeting, will he be receptive to Tom and I. I feel like a kid again waiting for Christmas to come and see what Santa brought me. I just can't stop thinking about it. I've emailed a contact person from our local office and haven't heard anything back yet. I don't want to be a pest and upset the lady that she doesn't speed things along. I just hope she will see in the letter we attached with our application that they will see how beautiful our little boy is and how desperate he is to get home to us. A life full of love, hugs,kisses and nothing he'll ever have to worry and want for ever again.
As this week approaches, could you please find it in your hearts to say a prayer that we get this approval VERY VERY soon!

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  1. hope it comes TODAY for you! hope you are absolutely shocked and flabbergasted how fast it comes.