Monday, April 19, 2010


So tomorrow is the last thing we need to get our little boy.Please say your prayers, cross fingers and toes, that this will happen without any problems. All we need is fingerprinting and then the approval letter somas in the mail a few weeks later. Please Lord, our little boy is waiting. He doesn't know that his mom and dad exist, but he's waiting!!! Please we need to save this precious child of yours.

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  1. YES! YAY! jumping up and down here!!! I have not yet sent my dossier! because of the ash problems from volcano fedex isnt flying. so MAYBE, just MAYBE we have hope yet to meet up in Ptown!!! at any rate it means you are ONE step closer to your baby boy! oh he was SO cute! those cheeks! I cant wait for you to hold him! we will be next door with the big kids but there is only one hotel in Ptown!