Thursday, December 2, 2010

One Month Home-12/2

Ok so I have been REALLY Bad with Blogging. It's been a world wind since coming home. First thing, Bryce is doing GREAT!!!
I sit here tonight pondering the thought that 9weeks ago, Bryce was just a picture we held onto and now he sits in the other room jamming to Itunes with his Daddy. Tom and I can't believe life without him. It's like he has been with us forever.
We've been busy running around to numerous doctors appointments.
Here are the updates, labwork all NORMAL (no thyroid issues, no parasites), weighs 31# and 35inch tall.
ENT: moderate hearing loss in both ears, has LOTS of fluid in ears, failed Sleep Study (yes, already had one of those done since being home), so we have follow up on Monday for scheduled surgery for tonsils,adenoids and tubes!

Cardio: well this was a little more disturbing. We were told that he had an ASD (atrial septal defect) that resolved on it's own. Well not quite like that. He still has the ASD, it's in a location that is not typical for ASD, but it luckily is only 1cm and not causing any deficits. Cardiologist is not sure if he had an AV Canal Defect that corrected itself or a very large VSD. He has developed a pouch in his ventricular septum. His mitral valve developed with a cleft in it. Again, another issue that is there but not causing any deficit. So bottom line, is no restrictions, nothing to worry about and we'll see her again next year for another complete ECHO. So much for a "quick" appointment for her blessing and never see her again! However, we knew this was a risk of adopting a child from another country.

ESE-Pre-K: we have this evaluation for school tomorrow. So wish us luck we get all the therapies we need.

Let me tell you the things we are just in love about Bryce

* The fact that he can put a smile on EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE's face
*Hugs and kisses his 2 doggie siblings multiple times a day (big improvement after 5days home of screaming everytime he came near him)
* He will not eat unless he does it himself
* Understands commands we give him in English, after home only a week
* Wants to help you in anything you are doing; load and unload laundry
* Loves MUSIC!!!
* Traveled over 15hours and never heard a peep from him on the planes
* Loves to put his stethoscope on and pulls up his shirt so you can listen
* Gives the BEST hugs EVER!
* Loves wearing our shoes around the house
* Is so determined to learn and do it himself
* Bath time
* Looks so CUTE when in time-out; yes he gets timeout already
* Love the fact that finally we can call him OUR son!
*** Have I mentioned, how he makes EVERYONE he comes in contact with, SMILE!!! It's a beautiful thing!

We are just in such awe and MADLY in LOVE with this AMAZING gift!!
I will try to keep this blog updated. I will close with some pictures since being home!

Not Happy About His Sleep Study
Music Therapy at our local DS association
Dr. Bryce in the House
Meeting Scoobie at Universal Studios on DS Family Fun Day
Hanging with his BFF, Max (my godson)
Look, I am out of here, even if I just have a shirt and diaper on. I've got shoes on Mom!
Fun at the Zoo!!

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