Monday, May 2, 2011

We are ALIVE...6 months Home Today

My First Birthday Party....I turned 4!

I have been EXTREMELY horrible with blogging. But today is a big moment...We have been home 6 months and it's been an amazing 6 months! Bryce is such a blessing that has filled our hearts with so much love, laughs and patience. Yes, patience. Bryce blossoms every day and some of those days are full of INDEPENDENCE and independence that a 4 year old is not quite ready to do.
A little boy from an orphanage with only 1 other child with DS (our sweet little Melanie to the Sader family) has learned sign language and uses it spontaneously now.
**Says "hi" "bye" "daddy".
**Pee and Poo-poo on toilet (still working on signing to let us know he has to go) but what an accomplishment.
** Has gained 2lbs and grown 2inches and 2 shoe sizes.
**Sweet to everyone he meets
**Lights up a restaurant,grocery store, anywhere, with his smile
** Learning to swim and LOVES the water
** Obsessed with closing doors....this child can not leave a room without every door closed.
** Started in Youth Athletes Program(part of Special Olympics for those 2-6yrs old)

He will start regular pre-school next month. We started him in January at a Charter school for mainly children with special needs, but that didn't turn out to be what we expected. He's not being challenged and this boy learns sooooo quickly so we want to give him a little more until he tells us no more.
He's had surgery for tubes in both ears, tonsils and adneoids removed; circumsion; we still have the dentist in 2 weeks and eye doctor next month. Let's see we've already had ER visit in January for falling into table at school and getting a nice gash under his eye, requiring Dermabond
(surgical glue)
Bryce will be in his first wedding in July and we just can't wait!! Chicago won't know what hit them:)
Well here are a few recent pictures of this AMAZING Ukrainian prince. We have never been so happy. Don't get me wrong, it's been challenging. Little hard to bring home a child that is a toddler and ready to go from the moment of waking; has gone through many different stages of developing but his smile, laugh, kisses and BIG hugs takes away all the challenging moments.
Mommy and Daddy are soooo in LOVE with you!!

Cool Dude!

First Christmas and Best Christmas EVER!

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  1. Oh wow! So you adopted Bryce through Reece's Rainbow?? I admire your perseverance.

    I see you have Nanette this year for your Christmas baby; I have Quinten 2H. They are all such doll babies! By the way, I LOVE your "Big Kids" too. I own a Boston Terrier and a 1/2 Boxer 1/2 Boston Terrier. Gotta love those smushy faces!!!