Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting closer...

So we received a letter from USICS stating that they received our application and make sure everything is correct and THEN wait.... That word is becoming very common in our vocabulary. We now WAIT for the Orlando office to contact us for our appointment for fingerprinting. Makes no sense...we send our application to Lewisville, Tx so that they can do what they do with the application to then send it to Orlando. CRAZY stuff! So Tom & I are hoping that the appointment is coming by the end of the week. Sent 1/2 of our paperwork for the Florida State of apostille seal last week, which is very nerve wracking that it is in the right hands and gets back properly packaged. I know this is all so frustrating but I know that this will be SOOOOOO worth it, once that beautiful little blonde is in our arms and calls us Mommy & Daddy. It's a true testament of patience and strength. Keep us in one of your daily prayers :)

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  1. ours went in friday! our prints are still good!