Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Our Handsome Boy

So today is bit of a rough day...Our Vanya turned 3!!! It is so hard to think he is over there all by himself with no one celebrating a big moment in a child's life and having no idea that a family is loving him SOOOO much from afar. If only USCIS would get there act together and send us our appointment.

Bryce Vanya......Happy Birthday Sweet Boy from your Mommy & Daddy.


  1. Those important dates are rough when they are half way across the world :( Prayers going up for your sweet birthday boy. Very soon you'll be holding him!

  2. awww I didnt know he had the same birthday as Maia! hopefully things will fall into place quickly for you. I know every day you wait is excruciating. hang on mama! keep moving forward! maybe we will see you in Ptown!