Friday, October 1, 2010

Day #2

So all went well today...we got our needed referral to meet little man! It was neat to see our dossier today translated to Cyrillic alphabet. We found out that Vanya is Russian for Ivan(Ukrainian). All of the official paperwork has Ivan as his biological name. We'll have a better idea on Monday, what they use at the orphanage. The little office where we picked up our paperwork this afternoon, had about 6families doing the same thing. Families from Montreal,Toronto,Virginia,New Jersey. In fact the couple from New Jersey asked Tom where we were from and he said Florida and they both laughed and said "we were betting you guys were from New Jersey". They left before I could talk with them, but I was curious if we were looking Jerseylicious! We were at a street marketplace across from the SDA and 2 men stopped Tom again and asked if we were from the states, comes to find out they were from Pensacola. They were in Kiev for 1day following a mission trip! Can you see the pattern here, everyone talks to Tom...Yes, he definitely stands out being 6'4" LOL!!!
We had dinner last night with another couple from RR at TGIF! It was very nice hearing their story.
Tom and I managed to have a nice dinner in a little cafe tonight and did a little "grocery" shopping. Here is a picture of our $8.00 stash! It amazes us,how well our money does here,except for name brand. We went into a Nike store today and last seasons Nikes go for $1400 grivnas (which is $175). Crazy! But let me tell you the majority of women here are Gorgeous! They love their heels and purses! I'll try and get some people watching pictures tomorrow.
Well that's all for today, gonna lay low for the night and watch "True Blood".

our $8.00 buy...thank goodness for Coke Light (my diet coke addiction)
Our apartment stairwell...a little scary when the lights don't work!

Where's Tom??? This a statue outside the SDA in honor of a movie that was filmed there.

Dinner at TGIF with The Lorenz family.

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  1. The Italian restaurant next to/above TGI Fridays has good lasagna if you're looking for more "American" food.