Friday, October 15, 2010


Well not quite sure why I said TGIF, I guess cause 2weeks from today, we should be on a plane back HOME!! We are at least praying!
Everything is going well....We've had some great visits with Bryce the last few days, but they are OBSESSED with sending us outside with him on every visit and I have to say the highs the last few days are in the low 40s. It's COLD for these Fla people! I will say though not looking forward to going home to heat!

Tom and I had a bit of a scare yesterday during our morning visit. We were sitting outside with Bryce when this younger looking guy (we've never seen before) walks up and starts asking if we are Americans, and starts pointing at Bryce and motioning that to himself and back to Bryce telling us he's known him when little. Well I think we both almost threw up, we thought "OMG this is his father!" Well comes to find out the guy was just passing through the grounds. That's the bad thing about the orphanage, most of the locals pass through onto their homes. Not a very secure situtation!

I know you all just get on to see photos and videos of Bryce so here you go! Hope all have a great weekend!

Our little monkey!

Fall time!!

Bryce's room where the groupa play!


  1. Hi!! I finally found your blog. I kept looking on RR and it wasn't listed there. then I realized I could click on the comment on my blog! Congrats on your son!! Yay that is sooo exciting! He is sure a cutie! Glad your court day went well! It sounds like you are having quite an experience in that "little" town! Mark enjoyed getting to visit with you guys as well and wishes he could bring you McDonalds! Hope your waiting period passes quickly and we will continue to follow your blog now that I found it!! Email me anytime just to chat if you want! :)

  2. Oh, I hear ya about the cold!!! Toward the end I got bold and just took Darya inside to play. It is so nice to be home in the warm Florida sun!! I hope you can get home quickly!

  3. I am so happy for you all!! Thanks for the great updates and amazing pictures!

  4. Kim, I am so happy for you! And I can't wait to meet your son! He's beautiful!!!