Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Court tomorrow...

We ask before you go to bed tonight, please say an extra prayer, that all goes well tomorrow at court and we could possibly be home in a few days vs 2 more weeks! We will keep everyone posted tomorrow.
It's starting to get colder here again, but things are getting easier here. We were able to get our laundry done today and it cost a fortune......$2.50!!! And they are nice and crisp!! Thank goodness for google translate. I write what I want to say and put Ukrainian translation on a piece of paper, believe it or not, it's WORKING!!! Until they want to talk to me back LOL!
Well here is what you all want anyway on the blog....The day with Bryce!!!


  1. I LOVE the pics!!! We will be thinking of you guys...it would be wonderful if you were able to come home in a few days. That would be GREAT news for everyone in the family to hear tomorrow! Love you guys :)
    Kim, Justin and Kids

  2. You guys are definately in our prayers. Wishing you all the best tomorrow and we hope to see all of you soon. Love you guys,Jamie, Angela and Lylah.

  3. Loved opening up this page and seeing your new profile picture with THREE of you!!! What a beautiful family.

  4. You're definitely in my prayers. And by the way, every time I look at the blog and see new pictures and videos tears come to my eyes. Bryce looks so happy. I'm so happy for you. Maria Rivera

  5. thinking of you. hoping you got the judge we had. good luck! bryce you are about to get the gift of a lifetime! a mama and papa all your own!!

  6. What great pics. Bryce looks so happy with his new family. He is sooo adorable! Can't wait to see you guys.
    Martin, Christa, Christian, Nicholas and Ana