Friday, October 8, 2010

Just for fun..

We had two great visits with Bryce today! We had a small cry when we were leaving, but we are learning to just leave instead of making it worse by going back after him. The caretakers are doing a great job by helping us out with it. It is such a great feeling for the both of us that when he sees us, he comes running. It's the cutest thing!
Have fun with pictures!

This is what Tom found when he went to the bathroom at the orphanage...Poor Bryce has to pee and poo in a "tupperware" bowl. All the kids line up in their bathroom and sit in their bowl. It's terrible :(

Tom's even the Dog Whisper in the Ukraine!!

This picture is for his Aunt and Cousins in San Diego (check out the Charger colors) LOL

The boy LOVES Music and Phones!!!

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  1. Ok, the bathroom thing, gross but I am soooo impressed that he is potty trained!!!!!! That is huge Kim!!!!

    He and Max will have a blast together at Music Therapy or going to see Mr. Richard....can't wait to see the 2 of them dancing together!!!!

    Stay warm and know that as tough it is to leave him everyday it won't be long til he is coming home!!!

    Love, Darlene