Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good news and Very Bad News!!!

Yesterday was the big Gotcha Day! Unfortunately the region Bryce was born in does not process their old passports, which take only one day to process. We were suppose to have it yesterday if that had happened, well after a 2hour drive and almost a hour of waiting....GUESS WHAT they can't do that passport now, so we are here waiting until Tuesday. Well we are PRAYING for Tuesday.
We went to the US embassy today and dropped off the needed paper work for his visa. Of course, they are closed tomorrow and also can't enter the information until they have the passport, so again we are waiting!!! I will say, it was neat to see a TON of people standing outside on line waiting to get in and we walked straight to the front and were the next ones to go inside, it was HYSTERICAL! And you know they were all ticked off!
Tonight we are meeting several other RR families that just got back to Kiev and are in the same boat as us, so it's dinner tonight at TGIF with the kids.
So speaking of kids, Bryce did GREAT yesterday considering he was in a car for over 5hours. Then gets to the apartment and was ready to ROCK! He was very overstimulated and had a hard time getting to sleep. He broke me in for being a mommy for the first time. We had elbows in the face, got kicked multiple times and slapped a few times. Poor thing was very restless, we're hoping for a better night tonight. We went to McDonalds today for lunch and he was sooooo cute! Sat and ate 4chix nuggets, however our child doesn't like the "fry" part, so I had to peel all the breading off.

He's taking in all the commotion of being in a BIG city! And is doing GREAT!
Tom and I are sooo in love!
We'll keep everyone posted as far as when we will be getting out of this country! It can't happen soon enough. An entire month tomorrow is just way too long and we are soooo homesick!

Looking so cute on his first day FREE!!!!!

Absolutely LOVED the bath last night!

Proud of his first car ride

Gotcha DAY!!!

Thought only in the movies...Cows were walking back from pasture at 5pm right in the middle of the road, must have been 50 of them.


  1. Awwwww!!! Sorry about all of the waiting, but congrats on a successful GOTCHA!! :)

  2. Anxiously waiting for you guys.....good luck with the passport!!! Love Dar...

  3. So many happy times. Treasure all of them, even the lows. They make the highs higher! I'm so excited that you are getting to experience "full" parenthood. You both are amazing parents and are so perfect for this. Not many people could handle a toddler right off the bat. I had a friend tell me "that's why the toddler behavior starts around 2-3 years, by then you love them so much, you dont want to give them away!" LOL. And as trying as he may be some day, you'll watch him sleep and forget everything what you were frustrated about. Love you guys! Hurry home:)

  4. Oh...forgot to the naked picture. Every child should have at least one! And he's sooo adorable in his big boy clothes! love them!! Let me know his true size, I want to Christmas shop! (from Jackson and Kate)