Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Last Day of Visits

Well today is bitter sweet! It was the last day we will ever have to do orphanage visits! A very joyous day! It was also sad because we decided on our afternoon and very last visit to allow Bryce to play with the kids in the groupa. And they had a BLAST with Tom and I. That's where it gets sad.....It made me realize (well more than I already have) that these children may NEVER get the chance that Bryce has. I stood there at one point and said to Tom, I wish we could take them all home. To never have a Mommy or Daddy to dry their tears when they fall and hurt themselves, no family dinners, no opportunity to go to Disney or Seaworld or for that matter, just fly on a plane, no one to throw them in the air, like Tom did today with all 6 kids. Don't get me wrong, most of the caretakers are WONDERFUL with the kids, but you all know it's not the same. And it saddens me!!!

Tomorrow will be a day of running around getting papers and needed stuff to get Bryce out. We are hoping to have enough time for it to be Gotcha day but the way we were forewarned it doesn't look promising! But early Wednesday, he will be a free little boy and truly a Baumann and we'll head back to Kiev to get that paperwork needed to get HOME!
Well here are pictures of our bitter sweet day!

Bryce with his (and our) FAVORITE caretaker, Luda! She will be MISSED.

Bryce and his groupa in an outside "playhouse"

A mural painted on the wall of one of our inside play areas for the last 3weeks!

The Long Hallway to Bryce's Room!!!


  1. we walked that long hallway to sophies room! congrats!

  2. You just made me cry thinking about all of Bryce's friends.....go on, sneak a girl home for me!!!!! Loving keeping up with you, can't wait til you come home and I can get my hands on him and give you a big hug!!!! Max and Bryce are going to have so much fun together and I can't wait to do stuff with you and your son!!! I love saying that!! "your son"....been a long time waiting for that!!!!! love you, Dar

  3. So excited for you guys that you'll be home soon! Can't wait to see pictures of him in the U.S.!

    Travel safely!


  4. So happy you have made it past that looong 10 days and you are getting things ready to come home!! I know it is such a wonderful feeling. We have been home one week tonight! You will be home soon, too!! I know it doesnt seem like it sometimes, but it WILL happen!! Praying for you guys for safe travels and getting things done there in the city quickly!!

  5. Savor your last days there, the small details will fade and you will, one day try to remember some of them. You are blessed. The best is yet to come. Maybe you can stay in touch with Luda. I'm sure its a hard, but happy time for her as well. Safe travels! Miss you.