Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just pictures today

We had a nice saturday down in the heart of the city! We had beer and dinner in a fun german beer garden with another RR family, the Lorenz family adopting Liza! Today is laundry day and packing, tomorrow we are off to meet little man! Hallelujah!
the shoes of Ukraine! All the women are in heels..these girls actually had big bags, changed out of sneakers into their Saturday night heels!

this one is for you, Carlos!

apartments across from ours...look at the ones in the background, very luxurious!


  1. Hey girl!! I have been reading your blog everyday but can't comment at work. Looks like all is well and you guys are enjoying it! Good luck tomorrow. Miss you here!!- lindsay

  2. Finally got the computer back so I am all caught up on the blog. Love reading about your past few days but really I just can't wait to read that you finally got to put your arms around him!!! Can't wait to see the pics!!! Love you!!!!

  3. sorry, could not put my name in's Dar!!!

  4. wow the buildings are so pretty. very intricate. I know its not "home" but this is very much a part of you journey...enjoy! The best is yet to come!! Miss you!!