Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Signs.... And 6 more days to go

I've been pondering with my thoughts the last few days....cause I've got a lot of time to do this and I don't quite "think" enough, LOL!
But we've been given many signs to adopting Bryce!
October just happens to be Down Syndrome Awareness Month and Bryce became our son on October 13, 2010.
The first day we met our beautiful son, he was in blue and yellow,

The Ukraine Flag just happens to be Blue and Yellow!

The Down Syndrome awareness ribbon is what.....

When I met Tom, 9years ago, he informed me that his number for any of his sport leagues,events, etc, was 21 !!!

Can you see the signs....Many question why??? Can you see the signs, Can you see the smile on this beautiful little boy's face. It's not DS, it's a little boy who needed to be saved, a little boy that deserves love, happiness, security, hugs, kisses, LIFE!
We are so LUCKY to call him our son!


  1. It was simply meant to be! And i agree with Tam - he is a darn cute kid :) Guess we'll be seeing you soon in Kiev.

  2. Wow Kim, I see the makings of a Down's Sydrome Ambassador in you!! I'm so happy and I can tell by everyone's face that its mutal amoung all of you. Be safe, cant wait to meet him. Amy V.

  3. sorry about the spelling errors...
    amy :)