Thursday, October 7, 2010

Not easy..

We saw Bryce this morning, we're now on our break and go back in a few hours. It is VERY VERY VERY cold here! I just had to go buy tights to wear under my jeans.
It is so sweet to see the HUGE smile on him when we walk up in the morning, but today was the worst meltdown we have seen when we tried to leave. He ran for both of us, cried, fell on the floor when the caretaker went to take his hand, and ran for the door again at Tom. I cried and walked away and I felt terrible b/c Tom picked him up, placed him on the carpet with the other kids and gave him a toy and all he did was cry! This is AWFUL!!!
Good news is we have court next Wednesday! I know it's not soon enough but at least we have a day scheduled. We keep holding on to the faith that the 10day waiting appeal period will be waived by the judge. It hasn't happened yet but there is always HOPE!! If that happens, we could be on a plane next Friday! How wonderful that will be.
Well here is a video, it's mostly for Grandma and Granny, but you all can enjoy it as well.


  1. Kim, I am so happy for you all! He is so beautiful with such an amazing loving spirit. One can not help but smile when his face lights up just looking at you and his Daddy! Brought tears to my eyes! He is going to bring so much joy to your life! What a gift from God!!!
    - Dawn

  2. awwww. look at him smiling the entire time! what an ever lovin doll! its only cold there because you are from warmer climates lol. Last year when we were there to take teh kids around this time it wasnt enough that I had long sleeved dress and socks and pants and winter jacket and hat and mittens. they made us put long thick socks up over her pants and another shirt under her dress. Im surprised that the winter coat was enough! 5 minutes in teh car and she was sweating like crazy! good luck with court, Hope you get the judge we had, he is very nice. did you find the 3 whales restraunt?

  3. We did find all the restaurants, thank you so much you were a godsend. We are getting around so much better now, Monday was just a "one of those moment" days. All is good. Just can't wait for it to be over and home with him!

  4. I'm sorry but grandma and granny have to share the video as well as share him!!! I am so in love with him already, hurry home Max wants to play!!!!!.....Love you and could not be any happier for you!!! Darlene

  5. I am so happy with how much joy he is already bringing to your lives. I promise it only gets better! It is tough to be going through this long process just to be with him, but it will all pay off- he is going to have a wonderful mommy and daddy ! Bless the 3 of you and hope this little hiccup goes by quickly so you can get him home!!!!

  6. It was so wonderful to be able to see bryce with you guys. Lylah has been so anxious to meet him and hug on him. she really loved watching this video of her little cousin. We love you guys and hope to see you real soon. Jamie, Angela and Lylah